Design Task 
Designing a never made design for a new industry field was a very challenging task. There are lots of inspirational technology related sites but not a specific field for social robots that aren’t related to science fiction. On this project I wanted Furhat Robotics company design products and technology being use and giving a closer approach and exposure to the public. By converting its media on its own spoken design through photography and layouts. 
The sources and materials I used are collected from the web, company partners, and from assets I got from Furhat Robotics marketing apartment. 
Moodboards/storyboard – Design keywords and concept Futuristic, technological, futuristic & clean AI digital art (I created this concept for this task since it’s new in its nature), photographic, minimalist, strong image of robotic technology, less is more, robotic atmosphere, robot industry corporation feeling, AI expertis. 

Coffee table book / Customer stories
For the customer stories book I aimed to create layouts translating Furhat Robotics lab and technology into imagery which are used as the core of its design. These actually reflect the reality of what Furhat is today.
Expressing with high tone “Robot Industry Corporation feeling” and “Furhat Robotics artifi- cial intelligence expertise” both based on Furhat day to day.
I worked mainly on the cover and on the back side of the book.
Number of tests 13 Mostly on cover on back side of the book
Time of production Strategy and production 7 hours
Banner for web
Digital advertising banners have often a small size. For me as a digital graphic designer is very important that this one is an eye catching and intriguing object. Design keywords, clean, photographic, innovative, less is more and minimalist vibes. A short text and a layout that talks about the product itself is the design language I used.
Number of tests 2.
Time of production Strategy, production and performance analysys 1 hour.
Landing page
For the landing page, I tested several layouts. As the task mentioned I also researched Softbank Robotics who are Furhat Robotics competitor. Softbank design concept is very similar to the regular/average design which isn’t really specific related to robotics field. I found this very interesting. This actually encouraged me even more in trying to get something that could be unique.
Since the goal for this landing page is to introduce Franny’s services to the public. I tried to create a very a mysterious and sophisticated layout only using Furhat Robotics media as medium. I picked some of my favorite pictures from Furhat assets. Everything based on my own choice and my “Moodboards/storyboard – Design keywords and concept”.
There are a few seconds between the online target (client, customer and user) and its interaction with our pages, this is one of the reasons the marketing conversion was on my focus.
More information
Number of tests 5
Time of production Strategy, production and performance analysys 16 hours (2 working days)

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