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moderna museet business card
Moderna museet business card
moderna museet business card
The Fantastic Paradise 1966, Niki de Saint Phalle - Moderna Museet 
The Fantastic Paradise sculptures and Moderna Museum collection are one of the main reasons behind the color selection. After a previous researching we find out that these colors have an important value among the pieces of art at the museum.  

Timeles as its nature, that is how we want to keep Moderna museet remind!

Graphic Identity -  Moderna Museet
Fictional Client: Moderna Museet
Assignment: Concept and graphic design   © Claudia  Rios
Software: Illustrator Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign CC 
Part of my Thesis project /  Examensarbete - Berghs School of Communication
April 2017

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